IAA (Inventory Assistant Application) is a collections management application for Android and iOS tablets. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Resulting in a fully automated inventory inquiring process and creating semantic contextualization in a collection. Inquire a new asset or check-in an existing one by simply pointing the camera and enhance the metadata by generated summaries.

Read more about IAA and apply for the demo here.

Knowledge Recognition API

Knowledge Recognition (KR) is a knowledge extraction software that comes in both a REST and streaming API. It uses machine learning to extract complex information from any digital asset.

With KR any collection can be transformed into a dense network with a deeper semantic understanding of each asset and the contextual relationship between them.

Read more about KR and apply for the demo here.

Intention Recognition API

Intention Recognition (IR) is an intuitive interaction-to-interface software, exposed as a streaming API. Using computer vision and machine learning it detects objects and gestures to control digital interfaces. IR removes the need for peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouses, and touchscreens. With it, you can turn any space into a physical-digital hybrid environment. Physical interactions controlling digital interfaces.