About us

We're a young initiative based in the Netherlands, that grew out of a great passion for how humans interact with knowledge and the infrastructures supporting that.

We aim to design a symbiotic relationship between humans and their interfaces. This both means merging physical objects with digital functionalities to create denser layered knowledge.

SUSLIB started in late 2018 as a self-initiated design research project by Martijn de Heer and Amir Houieh regarding a university's library. During this research, we came across more questions than answers in the current library and knowledge space landscape.

After finalizing our research we've developed a small prototype of a proof-of-concept which we presented at Dutch Design Week 2019. During this event, we've met a lot of interesting people and parties who have helped us develop our ideas even further.

After our successful exhibition at DDW 2019, at the beginning of 2020, we decided to expand the boundaries of the project, aiming to become a more structured and legal entity. Getting funded by Stimuleringsfonds helped us greatly in this challenge to expand our research and push our vision.



We believe that we need to move towards a future where intention becomes interaction. Making the interface a thin layer between the user and the function. We design our interfaces based on the relationship a human body has to its physical environment and with our senses in mind.

With this approach, our design focuses on the experience of both the intention and the interaction. Making the process of accessing knowledge an intuitive and meaningful physical activity.


Our technology emphasizes software rather than hardware. Replacing depth-cameras and touch-screens with regular cameras and normal screens while keeping the same functionalities and possibilities through software.

We contextualize data, seeing the need for going beyond metadata. Creating new meaningful connections between pieces of information. Enriching existing metadata by extracting and analyzing more data and also analyzing this enriched metadata with each other.

Our software is agnostic. Meaning it won’t force any design or predefined format onto the information.


We are concerned with developing tools, meaning we want to enable other companies and creators to use our software ecosystem for their own specific needs.

With our tools, we make advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Computer Vision accessible to non-tech people and organizations.

Our products are a toolset in the hands of any person.


We have collaborated with lots of great people yet, as in 2018, at the core it's run by Amir Houieh and Martijn de Heer.

We are always happy to talk to and looking for talented and interested people. To either discuss or explore possibilities for collaboration. So feel free to reach and get in touch!


  • Amir Houieh @suslib.com

    Co-founder and developer

  • Martijn de Heer @suslib.com

    Co-founder and designer

  • Homayuon Moradi

    Computer vision engineer

Also worked with

  • Ada Popowicz

    Designer, intern

  • Peyman Naderi

    Front-end developer

  • Aref Dashti


  • Studio Helioripple

    Architect (Amin Bahrami)

  • Hesam Ohadi


  • Alice Stewart

    Electronic engineer

  • Golnar Abbasi


  • Arvand Pourabbasi